How to Play Our Skill Based Games

Welcome to the exciting world of skill based games presented in an armchair quarterback style! In this game, you’ll assume the role of a strategic play caller who attempts to predict the next play before it occurs on the field. Prepare to put your football knowledge to the test, score points, and show that you have what it takes to make the decisions like a pro. Let’s get started with the step-by-step details for playing our exhilarating skill based games:

How to Become a Skill Based Games Allstar

Step One: Create an Account

You must register for an account on our platform before you can become a Calledit Games Allstar. Sign up is simple. Once you download the app, you will enter your email address and choose your username and password. You can start exploring the app right away, but don’t forget to follow the instructions in the Email Verification process as you will get locked out of your account after 7 days if not completed. 

Step Two: Explore Available Games

Every week, we will host a series of competitions open to the public. You can choose a game that best appeals to you from the list of available games. To find out more about the game’s guidelines and scoring structure, click on the game’s title. Games may vary by Quarter of play, and competitions we host may have different scoring models in use, so pay attention to the period and scoring model to determine what best gets your competitive juices flowing

If you would prefer to keep your competitions private, you can create a private competition for just you and your invited players to compete in. Just select the “Create Game” option from the home screen, choose the Football game you are watching and decide on the competition options. Then, send your friends the join code so they can jump in and compete together. 

Step Three: Make Your Predictions

After joining a game, it’s time to start making your predictions. Once the period of your competition begins, You’ll be given a selection of options in a live football game that tie directly to what you see on the field before the next play is carried out. This might involve predicting whether the play will be a run or pass, the yardage gained, and the outcome. Simply make your selections on the easy to navigate selection screen and then “Call it!” before the play begins. Once the ball is snapped, the play selections will be locked, so don’t wait to long. 

Step Four: Scoring

After the real game progresses, your predictions will be compared to the actual outcome. Points are awarded based on the accuracy of your predictions. The closer your prediction is to reality, the more points you’ll earn. Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you stack up against other Armchair Quarterbacks. Learn more about scoring on our Rules page.

Step Four: Adapting Your Strategy

It’s crucial to hone your football knowledge and prediction abilities if you want to succeed in our skill based games. To develop more precise predictions, pay attention to the down, distance, and ball position on the field. Each of these elements, along with a particular team’s preferences will play into their play call types and potential outcomes. You can also research the teams, players, and game strategies from previous games to inform your decisions. Utilize the knowledge you get from your prior predictions to enhance your performance in future games.

Step Five: Challenges and Competitions

Take part in tournaments and challenges to compete against other players and earn exciting rewards. Before participating, make sure to carefully read the instructions as these events may have unique guidelines and scoring procedures. The more you play, the more experience points you earn. Along with challenge badges, achievements and special access events, all players are competing for the title of Calledit Games GOAT, which is awarded to a single player each season. Check out your profile page to see where you rank globally against all players, and check out your next unlockable achievements. 

Step Six: Engage With the Community

Through our community forums, chat rooms, and social networking platforms, get in touch with other Calledit gamers. Together with other gaming enthusiasts, share your views, talk about tactics, and forge bonds of friendship.

Step Seven: Stay Connected

Keep up with news, rule changes, and game scheduling. Our website will keep you updated on available events and competitions so that you never miss an opportunity to show off your sports skills gaming abilities. Be sure to follow us on Social Media to get notified of upcoming events and tournaments. 

Step Eight: Play Responsibly

While playing our games is a lot of fun, always play responsibly. To keep gaming a fun pastime, learn to discipline yourself in the time and effort you commit.

Are you up for the task of being a Calledit Games superstar? Join our group right away to show off your football acumen by correctly predicting the next big play!