Rules and Scoring

Below you can find examples of the rules and scoring models for Calledit Games. The rules may depend on the type of competition you are joining, and will be called out as such if they do not apply to all options. 


Player Age

Calledit Games is designed to be playable by all ages and as a Free to Play app, can be utilized by anyone that meets the App store requirements to download the app. However, in order to deposit funds into a Digital wallet and compete for money, players must meet the legal age for online gaming within their state of residence. This is verified before a player can complete a deposit into their account. 


Calledit Games is available to download and play within the United States and US territories. Players can compete for ranking points, achievements and badge challenges in all states where the App stores make the app available. This includes the purchase and use of Audibles, an App store digital product. Paid entry competitions will be restricted to states where such is legal and our company is registered. 

Paid Competitions

A Paid competition is any Calledit Game that requires a payment for entry and in return pays out the winners of the competition in digital wallet value that is withdrawable by the player. Paid competitions are currently unsupported. As we complete necessary licensing and registration, we will begin launching paid competitions on a state by state basis. 

Fair Play

Calledit Games has implemented several technological processes to allow players from different locations and on different networks to compete fairly with one another. When joining Calledit Games, each Player agrees to the Terms of Use for our games, which outline the Zero tolerance policy for attempted cheating by any means. If we detect that you are violating this policy, you are subject to forfeit of your competition, any funds or points you would have earned, and may be permanently removed from Calledit Games. We take fair play and integrity of competition very seriously. 


What Football game takes place without Audibles? Exactly! So we have audibles as well. Audibles are a product you can purchase from the App store in bundles to allow you to make a change to your called play. But, with that kind of power, there must be some rules… and there are. 

First, Audibles can only be used after you have made a Play call but before the play is locked. The play gets locked when the action starts on the field and our Admins close submissions. Once the admins lock the play for new submissions, we won’t allow Audibles to be used and this option will become disabled. 


Second, Audibles become available as you progress through the game, specifically, one Audible is unlocked and usable every 3 plays called, if you have purchased audibles already. That said, these can be stacked for consecutive use later in the game. As an example, if a player doesn’t use any audibles for the first 12 plays, they would have the option to use 5 in a row should they chose to do so. If you aren’t sure if you can use an audible yet, just try… we’ll let you know if its too soon. 


Third, while there is definite benefit to calling an Audible, mainly you won’t have to take a 0 point play with limited opportunities to score points, we can’t award equal points to someone who called the correct play from the start and someone who used an Audible after the fact. So Audibles are scored at a reduced point value, roughly 50% of the total available points for the play call. 


Scoring results for official events are based on the recorded results of our Game Admins. Game Admins are trained in the statistics capture of NFL analytics, with the intent to have our play results closely align with the official statistics presented by the NFL. However, we do not use an official data feed to score our games as our play style does not align with traditional fantasy scoring. Please see our Glossary for definitions of Runs and Passes per this scoring method to ensure you understand what type of play is recorded in which way. 


If you have a dispute you would like to make with the way results were recorded for a play that you feel was not properly handled, this can be submitted through our support channel and, if we find that your challenge is upheld, we will rectify the situation for our competition. 


In the event that you are competing in an unofficial event, administered by another player, we cannot rectify incorrect play results. This is an inherent risk you are taking when competing in a private game, scored by a player/manager. 



Multipliers is the simplest form of scoring in Calledit Games. Depending on the specifics of the call you make, there will be one, two, three or four tiers of detail.


As an example, calling an Incomplete Pass is a two tier play call with tier 1 being “Pass” and tier 2 being “Incomplete”. 


A Completed Pass for a First Down, will be a four tier play call, with tier 1 being “Pass”, tier 2 “Complete”, tier 3 “Yardage”, and tier 4 “First Down”. 


With Multipliers, we will use the base points for each tier 1 call and multiply that with each successive correct tier. For only getting the tier 1 correct, you will be awarded the base points for that play call type only. For a second correct tier, we multiply by 2, for a third correct tier, we multiply by 3 and for all four tiers correct, we multiply by 5. 


So, with our two examples above, the first example would award 50 points as the base point value of a Pass is 25 and there were two correct tiers, resulting in a 2x of that 25 points. The second example, would award 125 points as a four tier correct call would receive 5x the base points. 


The reason Multipliers is considered our simplest form of scoring is that we do not require the tiers to be correct in order to award points. As such, if the second example above was wrong on the Yardage call, but still got the First Down correct, we would have 3 correct tiers and 75 points awarded. 


The Bonuses scoring model is another simple scoring model that can be used with our Calledit Games. In Bonuses, the tier 1 options for Pass, Run and Kick all start with the same base score as that of Multipliers. However, with Bonuses, each tier of options will list the bonus score that will be added if your selection is correct. To illustrate, we’ll use the same two examples from above – An Incomplete Pass, and a Pass Completion for a First Down. 


Incomplete Pass – the base score for a pass is 25 points. The bonus score for correctly predicting the incompletion is 20 points. So calling both correctly would result in 45 points. 


Pass Completion for a First Down – again, the base score for the Pass call is 25 points. A Completion awards a bonus of 15 points, the correct yardage bucket is an additional 10, 15 or 20, depending on the choice, and the First Down call is 20 more points. So, the total for this correct call, using the longest Pass Completion yardage option, would be 80 points. 


Because the Bonuses scoring model requires that a tier be correct before the next tier can be scored, it is possible to get a Pass Completion for a First Down correct, but only be awarded points for the Pass Completion if the Yardage call is wrong. As such, Bonuses has a slight element of penalty for getting a Tier incorrect, where as Multipliers would still score all three correct tiers. 

All or Nothing

All or Nothing is a cover scoring model that can be applied to either Multipliers or Bonuses to add more risk/reward elements. 


With All or Noting added to the Scoring model, a player will be awarded points only if all choices they made were correct. So, using the Pass Completion for a First Down example, if the player choice for the Yardage was wrong but they correctly predicted the Pass for a Completion and First Down, with Multipliers, they would be awarded 75 points, but with a Multiplier All or Nothing game, they would get 0 points. 


With the same call in a Bonuses game, they would get 40, but in a Bonuses All or Nothing, they would get 0 points again. 


However, if a player calls all available tiers within their selection correct, they will get a 2x increase on the points earned. 

So, a 100% correct call, meaning all tiers are correct in the submitted call (which could be 2 – 4 total tiers) would pay out double points. 


Using our same two examples, a Pass Incompletion in Multipliers would award 50 points, in a Multiplier All or Nothing, it awards 100. In Bonuses, it would be 45, Bonuses All or Nothing, would give 90. Pass Completion for a First Down, with correct Yardage Call, would award 125 points in Multipliers, 250 in Multipliers All or Nothing. The same call in Bonuses would award 80 points, 160 with Bonuses All or Nothing.

Ranking Points and Rank Advancements

While you are competing each Calledit Game for bragging rights, prizes or money, you are also competing for experience points that will advance you in ranks and move you up the Global leaderboard. Ranks will also be used to separate experienced players from Novice players to ensure new competitors get a chance to compete on a level playing field before stepping into the big leagues. 


Ranks consist of Novice, Rookie, Seasoned (I, II, III), Allstar, MVP and GOAT. There is always only one GOAT at any given time. This is the player who has achieved the rank of Seasoned III and has the highest level of Experience Points. This could change each week, however the person who holds the GOAT title the longest during the sports season will be names the Season GOAT. Other top players will be named MVPs and Allstars depending on where they finish in the rankings. At the start of a new season, each player is reset back the starting point of their current Rank from Novice to Seasoned III where they can again start vying to level up, or compete for Allstar, MVP or GOAT. 


Experience points or Ranking points are awarded for all events, official or unofficial, however, only official events will awards bonus experience points. Points for any given competition will always include experience points for competing and experience points for finishing position, with Elo style comparisons to award lower ranked player for beating higher ranks more than awarding higher ranked players for beating a lower rank. This ensures that no one can run and hide with their GOAT title. It must be constantly defended. 


Bonus points will be awarded within Official events, whether private or public games, and include extra points for accomplishments, such as Most calls with points scored, Most 100% correct calls, Making a 100% correct call, Wire to Wire Win, Last to First, etc. These specific rules will be published in full before our public release. 

Extra Points and 2-Point Conversions

For simplicity of managing the game, both Extra Points and 2-Point conversions after a touchdown are called as a normal play. If the team is going for an Extra Point, you can call this as you would a Field Goal and the scoring will be the same for correct play calls. 

For a 2-Point Conversion, call this as you would any non-kicking offensive play with “Touchdown” being scored as a successful 2-Point try. The scoring for getting the correct play call will be the same as calling a correct touchdown.